I graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature from UCL and a Master’s degree in Medieval and Renaissance Literature from Durham University.blogpic

While I studied Anglo-Saxon literature and medieval Icelandic poetry in my academic life, my recreational literary interests are less niche and more diverse. I have a particular affection for analysing YA and children’s literature and that’s what I focus on in this blog, but I appreciate fiction and non-fiction texts across disparate genres.

y“Critics (and there are plenty of them) often say YA literature is mushy, easy to read and full of the sort of wish-fulfillment adults supposedly ought to give up as a sign of their maturity. There are, of course, books like this in the YA canon, just as there are in the literature marketed at any other age group. Yet I’ve found that YA literature often focuses unabashedly and apologetically on the ‘big’ concepts – love, death, life, loss. Their relative lack of subtlety in theme doesn’t make them less worthy of admiration. Just the opposite, in my opinion…teens seem to enjoy stretching their feelings to the limit. This passion isn’t something that should be criticized.”

I now work as a press and campaigns assistant and live in Islington, London. Feel free to follow me on twitter @julieteales, where I normally angrily tweet and retweet about UK politics or visit my tumblr account at madwomaninattic.tumblr.com, where I lazily reblog pretty pictures.




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